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Terms Of Service is a blog set up by Monster Cyber. We set up this blog to share information.
2. We do not provide the elements of fraud and paid. What you get here everything is free (no charge)
3. You do not need to use the account to obtain information from our blog. Because we do not provide a list form and form to sign up.
4. In this blog we already provide a contact to call the menu on request, broken links and so on. We are sorry if it was not returned because of your message may not be clear to the content of our blog. And maybe we're busy.
5. We have been providing the comment box function so that you can deliver a broken link without having to contact us which of course will be faster in response if you commented
6. We provide a link exchange services and ads to supplement our income. Because you know that adfly, popads, together bloggers and sebagainyaa only provide a small stipend. Maybe adsense gives great rewards but we adsense account yet approved 100% even though we've been able to get the adsense code.
7.Kami never copy and paste articles from other sites, because we made the article with the results of our work.
8. We request your cooperation by not including elements of porn, spam and active links in the comments box. If you want to get backlinks through comments then please use the "Name / URL" do not include an active link. So if your comment deleted do not blame us.

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